Series of 3D videos for the launch of Oakley MVP special editions

Client: Oakley

Project: Ricci – Design in Motion®

Art Direction: Nikita Nikiforov

CG Direction, Design, Production: Gabriele Ricci

3D Video Design: Discover the New Standard of Animation

The Oakley MVP project is a triumph of creativity and innovation. Thanks to the expertise of the Oakley team and the mastery of Ricci – Design in Motion® in 3D design and animation, it was possible to create extraordinary videos that showcase special editions of specific eyewear models realistically and engagingly.

Through the most advanced 3D technologies, Ricci – Design in Motion® managed to bring incredibly lifelike reproductions of the eyewear to life, capturing every detail with precision. These 3D videos allow potential buyers to explore the eyewear special editions innovatively, offering a detailed and engaging view of the product.

The synergy between Oakley and Ricci – Design in Motion® has made it possible to create a unique experience for eyewear and 3D technology enthusiasts.

This project lets customers discover the incredible attention to detail that characterizes each special edition model.

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