3D Digital Marketing Campaign

Client: Ray-Ban

Project: Ricci – Design in Motion®

Creative Direction: Ray-Ban and Gabriele Ricci

Direction, Design, Production: Gabriele Ricci

3D Modeling: Adamo Cameli

Original Music and Sound Design: Amplitudo Sound Agency

Motion Design Director Freelance: Creativity and Professionalism at Your Service

During the “You are on” campaign by Ray-Ban, Ricci – Design in Motion® created this 3D animation video as a freelance motion design director.

Based on Pablo Espinosa’s illustration, I was asked to create a digital advertising video with the theme “pinball.”

The concept I developed as a freelance motion design director resulted in a video that aims to convey the adrenaline rush experienced during a pinball game, where the true protagonists are Ray-Ban’s legendary Wayfarer sunglasses.

During the production phase, I collaborated with my colleague Adamo Cameli, and together, we brought this splendid animation to life entirely in 3D using Cinema 4D and After Effects software.

The added value of the video lies in the sound design skillfully crafted by Daniele Prina. Daniele created a trendy beat that perfectly harmonizes with the provided brief.

The final result of this collaboration is a successful video, which received the “Video of the Day” recognition at the Motion Design Awards 2020 and garnered thousands of views on the main social networks where it was promoted.

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