The 3D video promo for the celebrity book of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Client: Taschen

Project: Ricci – Design in Motion®

Creative Direction: Taschen and Gabriele Ricci

Direction, Design, Production: Gabriele Ricci

3D Modeling: Simone Cerroni

Arnold: The 3D Video Promo for Taschen’s Book Dedicated to Star Arnold Schwarzenegger

Explore Arnold’s magical world through a captivating 3D video promo!

Taschen presents the double volume dedicated to the renowned star, accompanied by a precious case inspired by the famous Capitello chaise longue produced by the renowned design company Gufram.

Be entranced by an elegant sequence of images that unveil the treasure within this unique work. Through collaboration with Ricci – Design in Motion®, the book comes to life at the center of a museum, surrounded by sculpted marble statues that appear to admire the volume dedicated to Arnold.

The production of this promotional video was an extraordinary collaboration with the prestigious brand Taschen, a leader in producing collector’s photography books.

In addition to being an integral part of the marketing campaign, the video was posted on Schwarzenegger’s personal Instagram page, generating great excitement among his fans.

The engaging 3D promo video is available on the Taschen website and the iconic star’s Instagram channel!

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