Emporio Armani

Fashion turns into video, blending storytelling and advertising.

Client: Emporio Armani

Project by: Ricci – Design in Motion®️

Creative and Art Direction : Gabriele Ricci

CG Direction and 3D Motion Design: Gabriele Ricci

3D Flower Simulation: Paolo Rava

CG Watches Modelling: Simone Cerroni

Original Music and Sound Design: Amplitudo Sound Agency

3D Fashion Video Advertising: Enhance Your Brand with Stunning Imagery!

Ricci – Design in Motion®️ is excited to share the new project for Emporio Armani, celebrating Diwali 2023:

The creative concept for the video is a world of elegance and beauty, where “Emporio Armani sunglasses – Special Edition Celebrating India” take center stage in a fascinating story.

Through the theme of rebirth and vitality, the narrative transforms. From an atmosphere shrouded in darkness, we arrive at a final scene illuminated by seductive lights. A precious golden floral pedestal inspired by the texture of the flower hosts the sunglasses like a precious jewel.

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moodboard per video presentazione 3D