Taschen presents On NFTs

The 3D video transforms the digital into reality.

Client: Taschen

Project by: Ricci – Design in motion®

Creative Direction: Taschen and Gabriele Ricci

Direction, Design, Production: Gabriele Ricci

3D Simulation: Giulio Tonini

3D Modelling: Adamo Cameli

Why team up with a professional freelance partner?

Imagine the agility of an expert combined with the efficiency of a small agency, all wrapped up in one solution!

Here’s the strategic advantage:

In this collaboration with Taschen, I took on the role of Creative Partner, Director, and 3D Motion Designer, seamlessly integrating into the Taschen team.

The main idea for promoting the book was to create a 3D promotional video that elegantly and captivatingly showcased the dual nature of the book in its transformation from digital to physical.

Swift communication and regular updates allowed us to deliver a visually appealing and functional solution for presenting the volume!

So, why wait? Your solution is here for Brand, Marketing, and Team Managers looking for agility, cost optimization, and top-notch quality.

Let’s create something extraordinary together!🚀

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