An exciting journey into the world of 3D motion design animation

Client: Bticino

Project: Ink digital

Creative Direction: Andrea Falanga

Direction, Design, Production: Gabriele Ricci and Simone Cerroni

3D Rigging: Pietro Mariani

Motion Design 3D: Custom Animation Solutions

An innovative project, created as a freelance motion designer in partnership with Ink Digital, brought to life the 3D promotional video for Bticino‘s Living NOW digital control unit case.

The Living NOW packaging by Bticino is more than just a simple case: it’s a stronghold of protection and a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Its micro-corrugated cardboard structure ensures optimal protection against breakage and abrasion while demonstrating a solid environmental commitment, as it’s made from sustainable materials.

The synergy with the Ink Digital agency was crucial for the success of this project. The close and dynamic collaboration allowed us to make the most of our complementary skills, resulting in an outcome that exceeded all expectations.

In this exciting video, motion design harmoniously merges with the essence of Bticino’s Living NOW product, conveying values of innovation, functionality, and sustainability. The 3D animations breathe life into an immersive experience, where the audience can explore all the details of this exceptional packaging and understand its added value.

Explore the video and get ready to experience a unique journey in 3D motion design animation.

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