The promotional campaign for the Iconic Bag 2020 collection

Client: Motivi

Project: Monkey Talkie

Creative Direction, Design, Production: Monkey Talkie

3D Animation: Gabriele Ricci

Explore a World of Engaging 3D Animation

Discover the incredible web promotional campaign for the Iconic Bags 2020 collection, created with extraordinary 3D animation and motion design. The project, curated by Monkey Talkie, brought to life a series of paintings and artworks by some of the greatest artists of all time, including Klimt, Kandinsky, and Escher.

Thanks to 3D animation and motion design technology, the bags from the Iconic Bags collection surprisingly come to life. The artworks are recreated in a unique visual experience that pays tribute to the grandeur of the original masterpieces. 3D animation allows you to immerse yourself in every detail of the products, engagingly exploring shapes and colors.

The passion for art merges with digital creativity in this exceptional promotional campaign. Monkey Talkie worked diligently to ensure an engaging experience for art and fashion lovers.

Ricci – Design in Motion® interpreted the storyboard provided by the agency, transforming it into elegant animations that allow users to indulge in this computer graphics journey.

The Iconic Bags 2020 collection thus becomes a perfect combination of the allure of classical art and the modernity of 3D animation. Each bag becomes a unique expression of style and personality inspired by the great masters of art.

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