In 2020, I had the opportunity to work in collaboration with Hibo e Mikael Masoero on an interesting automotive project for Pagani Automobili.

The video announces Pagani L.E.O., a new control and data monitoring platform capable of remote diagnosis of the vehicle from a distance.

This clip is a personal edition of the final video.
Later on in the project, the client changed the final video’s direction to communicate the concept better.

My role was to “motion design direct” and execute the whole 40 seconds of the VFX shot, in collaboration and with the precious help of my mate Federico Donati,

An essential section I took care of was the transition from the “heart of the car” through a world of digital data.
The core was created by layering multiple levels of Trapcode Particular within After Effects.

I have then fully developed the “motion design section” of the clip, which consists of a digital journey through the data until Pagani’s headquarter in Modena, in the heart of Italy.

Client: Pagani Automobili

Project by: Hibo

  • Motion design direction
  • Design
  • 3D Design e Animazione
  • Compositing