We had the opportunity to work with Gabriele Ricci on creating a 3D commercial. The creative process enriched everyone involved, and the realization fully met our expectations. We found great professionalism, excellent technical skills, and remarkable availability. Additionally, we appreciated Gabriele’s communicative abilities. Being constantly updated on the state of the art and being able to adapt quickly in case of changes facilitated our work and allowed us to achieve our objectives successfully.

Collaborating with Gabriele Ricci was a real pleasure! Thanks to his speed of execution and punctuality in deliveries, the final result of the project was stunning! Always kind and polite, he made the production process smooth; I would recommend Gabriele to anyone looking for professionalism and talent in the field of 3D video productions!

Gab is a real pleasure to work with. His high standard of creative integrity and sensitivity to elegant animation is balanced with kindness, patience and adaptability, making him a wonderful partner in any commercial-creative endeavour. I’m keen to work with him again, (and hope that some of those wonderful qualities rub off on me just a bit!)

There are a lots of motion designer in the industry; but few as qualified, reliable and precise as Gabriele. I’ve worked with him many times, often on complex projects with tight deadlines but the results have always been excellent! The goals achieved, combined with the pleasure of working with a smiling person who really loves his works, makes Gabriele the professional designer that is, and whom I would happily advise you to work with.

Gbriele is a talent. He faces every new challenge with exceptional approach. Nothing stands in the way of him delivering results, he works creatively and looks to find clever solutions. He always wants to know more about new techniques, software and design. With tight deadlines and under pressure, he always delivers great work, working alone or within a team. Working with Gabriele is a great pleasure.

Gabriele did a gigantic brilliant work! We are amazed, and we cannot imagine how much work and talent it takes to do such a remarkable animated film as the trailer he developed for Vasily Klyukin!

Gabriele turns out to be a precious resource. He is reliable, professional, and delivers the work on time.

Gabriele is a reliable video designer with lots of creativity. He always gives maximum dedication, delivering work on time and offering highly professional services.

I work with Gabriele in the context of motion design applied to strategic and financial events. He is a very reliable partner with a lot of talent. He has worked with very tight deadlines, and the client has always appreciated the result very much. I highly recommend him.

Gabriele is a qualified motion designer. Over his technical skills, he effectively manages all projects he’s working on. He actively priorities and set up goals by himself, always delivering work on time and with the expected results. Gabriele is a proactive person whom I hope you choose to work with.

Working with a motion graphic artist like Gabriele is always a pleasure. His responsibility and precision on delivery is always an extremely high value on every production. He also has a fantastic attitude working within a team. Super recommended! (but don’t take him away from us!)

Gabriele Ricci is a talented designer. He has freelanced with Labnext since 2010, working on projects for big clients such as Telecom italia, and Poste Italiane. He has completed innovative video contents for TV and web advertisements. His skill set enables him to work on different kinds of projects, from illustration to animation, from green screen shooting video to CG backgrounds and matte paintings.