Motion design animation made as a freelance motion director in partnership with Ink Digital.

The new Living NOW package by Bticino is environment-friendly and can reduce the emission of CO2 used to produce it, up to 60%!

For this project, I have worked as a freelance motion design director, taking care of the entire 3D animation and direction and co-directing the art direction in collaboration with the creative agency.

I have developed the 3D animations, the look development based on a brief and managed three designers.

Watch the “3D motion design” reel.

Client: Bticino

Project by: Ink digital

Concept, Direction, and Production: Ink digital

Art Direction: Andrea Falanga – Gabriele Ricci

Motion design direction: Ricci – Design in Motion

3D motion design: Gabriele Ricci

3D product modeling and rigging: Pietro Mariani, Francesco Tandoi

Sound editing: Simone Fiorucci