the italian motion design studio of ricci gabriele

Open the personal motion design studio of Ricci – Design in Motion®.

I decided to create my motion design studio in Gallarate (Varese – italy), a strategic area near Milano and Switzerland. A place where I can work as a freelance motion designer with talents and professionals who operate in visual communication, art, and design.

A place where sharing ideas, opinions, techniques and find everything you need for working together and do outstanding projects!

The studio is located in a very strategic area, near the city’s center, the train station, and the highway.

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The motion design studio of freelance designer Gabriele Ricci

Dear Colleagues, I am excited to share with you some big news!

By doing the opposite of 90% of the motion designers and business owners I am in contact with, I decided to move from remote working to a new, small yet effective headquarter in Gallarate (Varese- Italy)!

After about ten years of remote working and a couple of years of the pandemic, I needed to breathe fresh air and stay together with other creatives and designers! I finally had the opportunity to create my own working space to work with talented people.

In the motion design studio in Italy, I imagine designers and creatives speaking to each other, sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and (hopefully) working on new exciting projects!

The headquarter is fueled 100% with Italian renewable energy provided by LifeGate energy. I love nature and animals, and I would try to make less impact on the planet with my habits and needs.

Gallarate is also a strategic area near Milano and Switzerland! The headquarter is between the train station and the city center; it is also near a park and the Maga Museum of modern art.

There is even private parking if you want to come by car!

The new RICCI – Design in Motion headquarter is ready and is waiting for you!

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