gabriele ricci riceve il premio mediastar

Motion Designer and Art Director Gabriele Ricci wins two awards at Mediastar 26

Gabriele Ricci wins two significant awards at Mediastar 26 for conceptualization and production of the video trailer “In Dante Veritas”.

The video introduces the project of the visionary artist Vasily Klyukin and celebrates the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death.

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Gabriele Ricci wins the first prize at Mediastar 26

Dear Colleagues,

RICCI – Design in Motion® has won the award for the best video opener at Mediastar – Il Premio Tecnico della Pubblicità italiana! 🥇

But there is more!

Gabriele Ricci also gets additional awards at mediastar called “Special Star ⭐️” for Art Direction!🥇

A meaningful prize dedicated to all the professionals who highlight their skills during the event.

A special Thank you to Vasily Klyukin, the artist who made it possible to work on such an exciting project giving a lot of trust and creative freedom to RICCI – Design in Motion®🌈

The project “In Dante Veritas” goes live during the 700th year of Dante Alighieri’s death; such an honour!

Vasily Klyukin never ends with outstanding, and other than being showcased at the Biennale of Venezia; he goes live with a free digital Ebook. The video trailer introduces it to the world!

A special thank you to the professional partners of Amplitudo Sound Agency, that made the sound effects of the video trailer.🎶

A big thank you to the member of the “Team Ricci” Pietro Mariani and Gabriele Montinaro. They supported the initial research phase and modelled some 3D assets, including the excellent Dante’s head. ☀️

The event was perfectly organized by Giulio Rodolfo and conducted by professionals and excellent Gloria Anselmi and Dino Lanaro.

Charged by the award, Gabriele Ricci continues working hard to celebrate new and vital success with his clients!🤩

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