gabriele ricci lavora come freelance creative motion designer e director

Gabriele Ricci, also known as Ricci – Design in Motion®, is a freelance creative motion director and 3D designer who works as a professional partner for companies.

Since the beginning of his career as a freelance motion graphics designer until today, 16 years have passed during which Gabriele Ricci has evolved in his profession as a freelance creative motion director.

From a solo freelance motion designer to the creative director of his studio, Ricci – Design in Motion®, let’s get to know Gabriele Ricci in an interview released to Michele Magnoni, the owner of the web agency Mabu Digital.

Let’s have a look!

Who is Gabriele Ricci today?

Today, Gabriele Ricci works as a CG Director and Creative 3D Motion Designer, collaborating with international companies, agencies, and prominent brands in the fashion industry.

What are the crucial aspects of Gabriele Ricci’s work?

My distinctive superpower lies in the blend of creative strategy, art direction, and technical expertise in 3D and motion design. This enables me to be a professional partner, leading your projects from initial concept to final delivery.

With my extensive multidisciplinary skill set, I transform your business needs into a captivating story!

Whether designing compelling style frames, negotiating budgets, creating timings, or animating engaging motion designs in 3D and 2D, I ensure a seamless process.

Gabriele, in your work as a motion designer and director, do you prefer working solo or as part of a team?

I am equally proficient as a solo designer or working with agile teams of professionals, tailored to project requirements.

I collaborate, direct, and supervise other designers, both on-site and at my creative studio in Gallarate, Italy.

Besides the profession of a designer, what are your passions?

Beyond my professional life, my passions include music, sports, art, photography, reading, teaching, and engaging in constructive experiences with others.

I am intrinsically curious and deeply love exploring the natural world, including plants and animals.

Gabriele Ricci, what are your professional ambitions?

I am eager to initiate conversations with business managers, marketing directors, and creative agencies who share my same passionate commitment to the project, innovation, and uncompromising aesthetics.

Do you have a motto for your profession as a freelance motion director and motion designer, Gabriele Ricci?

Let’s create something amazing together!