freelance cg director goes to design festivals

The freelance video design consultant Gabriele Ricci shares some thoughts after attending OFFF 2024:

As a creative and freelance video design consultant, I need to stay updated on the latest trends and developments in branding and advertising.

That is why I attended OFFF again this year, a significant design conference held annually in sunny Barcelona.

In this short post, I would like to share a couple of insights and reflections I have gathered at the end of the convention.

Let’s have a look!

Motion design is more than creating videos

At OFFF I have found a group of genuine people who love to learn and help each other.

This positive environment activates a sense of community that elevates the single one, creating a better life experience.

Together is better, and it also should be in our everyday life!

Find your voice

We are designers and creative people, and we feel things differently as we have artistic sensibility.

Finding your voice means developing your style and language, both in design and in your everyday life.

The satisfaction of being yourself is what makes you truly unique and rich.

The most important thing: let’s do it again!

Attending conferences and events isn’t just a way to stay updated on industry trends and build empathetic relationships with people, whether they are colleagues or potential clients.

Not every encounter necessarily turns into a business opportunity, but it can be a source of reflection or a shared curiosity that sparks new ideas.

If there’s an opportunity to seize, you won’t find it by staying at home in front of your PC or smartphone!

Whether you work as a freelance video design consultant, motion designer, 3D artist, producer, creative director, or any other role, being there, meaning physically present, can make all the difference!

Or, in the worst-case scenario, it will still be a beautiful memory!